What is the process?

1. You can post your job online, - or - you can send your job decription to colleagues after contacting.

2. After receiving the job posting, our collegaues check the job description and if necessary, they give suggestions.

3. Then we upload your job postings which will be visible for the jobseekers.

4. You can handle the incoming applications in one place, our system creates a statistics about the job postings’ performance.

Some datas about our visitors

  • 25-34 year old visited our site in the largest proportion;
  • 60% of visitors are woman;
  • 50% have a university or college degree;
  • 15% have a PhD.

Job posting packages

Check out our services and select the most suitable one for you! If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us!

HUF59 900
  • Job Posting for 4 weeks
  • Ad update possibility 2/week
HUF79 900
  • Job Posting for 4 weeks
  • Ad update possibility 2/week
  • Premium Listing (one category)
  • Social media appearance
HUF99 900
  • Job Posting for 4 weeks
  • Ad update possibility 2/week
  • Premium Listing (at frontpage)
  • Social media appearance
  • Database e-mail sending

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The prices above do not include VAT.


"Our experience has proven that Cvonline’s services are effective and provide solutions on reasonable prices. We are extremely satisfied, so we are encourage every employer to use Cvonline services if they are looking for skilled workers."
Hotel Le-Meridien Budapest
„The service provided by Cvonline proved to be very successful at our company. We received nearly seventy applications for our three published job postings, and most of them were good, so we applied even more that we planned.”
Semper Idem Kft.
Péter Wellisch, Technical director

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