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Why choose our Rapid recruitment solution?

Tailor made digital HR marketing tool that delivers up to 20 leads with high interest level

Based on the campaigns already executed, recruiters confirm fit and relevance in case of 85% of the contacted candidates.

We deliver excel reports
on the top 20 recruitment leads.

Delivering a minimum of 20 interested and relevant potential candidates only in 5 days.
That is Rapid by Cvonline.

Did you know that 78% of social media users can be targeted based on the digital footprint they leave behind?
With our brand new digital recruitment solution, we target those who fit the most and are open to switch jobs.
Our online experts deliver an effective, targeted Facebook ad that will attract potential and relevant candidates
with the right fit as soon as within 24 hours.

digital solution

Special crafted Facebook ad by digital professionals

Relevance placement test based on yes or no questions


Why choose our Turbo recruitment solution?

We create maximally filterable and segmented candidate pool based on the relevance and the interest level of the candidates.

We support the recruitment with targeted and segmented generating traffic marketing campaign.

You can test elements of the campaign for the maximum efficiency even before the starting of the campaign on our large test database.

Real time reach and statistics, data visualization

New, playful employer branding and effective recruitment solution. This is the Cvonline Turbo.

Modern, innovative digital solution that combines the most successful elements of digital marketing and recruitment: gamification, online recruitment and  lead collection, interaction with candidates, employer branding.
The special needs of today's workforce market require a new approach and customized digital solutions.
Our new solution is employer branding, employee candidate pool and Rapid recruitment solution in one.
All this in a customized, measurable and with outstanding efficiency.


digital solution

Gamification based creative concept

Playful and

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